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Doctor's Report CardThe DiagKNOWsis Doctor's Report Card
Providing feedback to your health care providers

Are you a health care provider?
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During your recent doctor visit...

Were you pleased with the service you received from your doctor* or other health care provider?

Was your visit as pleasant as possible?

Was the staff helpful and friendly?

Was the doctor able to see you in a reasonable amount of time?

Did your doctor help you resolve your health problem?

Did s/he explain your situation so you could understand it?


Did you have trouble communicating with your doctor*?

Did you have a long wait to see him/her?

Was your doctor unprepared for your visit?

Did s/he use medical terms you didnít understand?

Was s/he condescending, brusk or rude?

Were you misdiagnosed or was there another error made in your treatment?

* The term doctor is used here to represent professional medical and health care providers.

Patients have a right to be treated respectfully and with the best medical practices available. Providing feedback to our medical providers helps them understand how well they have met, exceeded, or failed to meet those rights. Sharp patients know itís important to provide feedback to their doctors about office visits, quality of care, and ability to communicate with the doctor and his/her staff.

The DiagKNOWsis Doctorís Report Card is a good tool for patients and professionals. 
A patient fills it out, grades the doctor and his/her staff, and sends it directly to the doctor.

Information for Patients

One aspect of being a good patient is being a good health care consumer.

Think of it this way: if your mechanic or hairdresser or plumber or any other service provider is doing a good job, then you thank them and pay them and return to them when you need them again. But if one of them is doing a lousy job, then youíll either ask them to do it differently Ė or youíll find someone else who can provide that service instead.

For some reason, most patients donít take the same approach with their medical providers. Many of us feel paralyzed at the thought of providing feedback, when providing feedback can be the very thing that improves not just our relationships with our providers, but our outcomes as well.

Providing feedback to your provider, in the spirit of fair assessment,
is empowering for both you and your provider. 

This report card will help you provide feedback to your provider about:
the provider's office and staff: friendliness, helpfulness, cleanliness, handling of business details
the provider: his/her ability to listen, diagnostic ability, ability to partner effectively, attitude

The Doctors Report Card

Access it here.

report card
You may print the report card,
then fill it out and mail it,
-- or --
fill it out in your browser,
then print it and mail it.

When you link to the report card,
you'll be asked to share your
email address. 

Use of the report card is free.

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